Transform your company by innovating your business model

Your business model is the source of all your success. When your business model is the same as your competitors you face difficult competition and low margins. 

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Design business models to meet the challenges your business faces

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Test business models and identify issues

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Build business models to keep you competitive and profitable

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Advice on business models to keep you lean, focused and performing

I develop business models to transform your business

The aim of a business model is to give you a sustainable path to profits without having to fight in a red ocean of sharks and competitors.

A great business model lets you seize a dominant position in your market and generate outsized returns.

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Denis’s consistently focused on the key elements of the business

Denis steered the company from a struggling enterprise to a thriving player. The company had tricky relationships both on the supplier-side and internally and internal processes which were very labour intensive and time consuming. Growth required a clear core-market focus, the careful establishment of key alliances and the automation of internal delivery processes. Denis’s consistent focus on the key elements of the business has left it on a sure footing for yet more growth.

Denis has been a tremendous help!

He’s extremely knowledgeable across key areas of building a business, which allowed him to see, explain and guide me through a “glass ceiling” the business was coming up against.

I didn’t have the experience to fully understand the problem beforehand, but Denis helped clarify it to me and provided actionable steps to gather data and analyse it. To help me make the best decision with the full information.

Thank you very much Denis, I really appreciate your time and expertise with this.

Denis Cuts Through Confusion

Denis cuts through confusion and identifies significant issues. His input is practical and always useful. I consider him an invaluable part of my team.

Jay Gitomer

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