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“Denis didn’t brag about what he could do with my company, He asked me where I wanted to go”

Wan Salbiah Mior Yahya – Zarah Aisyah Care Centres


A systematic approach based on the best selling book "Business Model Generation" and using the same method that Silicon Valley uses to build multi-billion dollar companies


Our customers don't have big teams of managers and underutilised staff. We provide strategies that are easy to understand and execute so that they deliver results fast.


At a fraction of the price of famous management consultancies we deliver strategic transformations that meet your budget and reboot your business


Using a systematic method we quickly understand your strategic problems and business position. Then we give you clear and powerful plans to reboot your business

What makes us different?


A business model is the way that you make money.

We look at what you offer, who you offer it to and how and why they pay.

We ask what do you need, and how do you do it and who helps you to deliver, and how much does it all cost?

Then we look at the world differently and give you better options to make money using resources, skills and customers that you already have.

Do things different when the rules have changed

Operational Improvement makes your business better and faster.

It's putting your foot down when you know the right direction to drive.

It is the combination of efficiency and effectiveness to give the customer more for less of your effort.

It makes life better for customers, easier for managers and more profitable for owners.

Do things better when you know where to go

Ready to Reboot your Business?

Tired of the grind, the stress and the slow decline?

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Make the possible become real

Start your reboot today

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Denis Cuts Through Confusion

Denis cuts through confusion and identifies significant issues. His input is practical and always useful. I consider him an invaluable part of my team.

Jay Gitomer

Denis is an archetypal ‘out of the box’ thinker

Denis is an archetypal ‘out of the box’ thinker – in fact he is never in the box. Give him a tried and tested way of doing things that everyone uses, and he will come up with something new – and better! Ask him a question, and he will start by telling you the question you really should have asked. His energy is seemingly limitless, but he doesn’t waste it and is ruthlessly focused on what he is really trying to achieve. I would recommend Denis to anyone as a trustworthy, hardworking and inspirational business partner.

Philippa Tebby
Grant Thornton

Would highly recommend to anyone needing strategy advice

Denis has the unique ability to quickly give you not only a succinct strategy but the right one. He’s not only passionate about helping start-ups he is generous in giving both his time and knowledge. Would highly recommend to anyone needing strategy advice and actionable ideas that work.

Ronan Leonard

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