Transform your company by innovating your business model

Your business model is the source of all your success. When your business model is the same as your competitors you face difficult competition and low margins. 

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Design Business Models

Design business models to meet the challenges your business faces

Test Business Models

Test business models and identify issues

Build Business Models

Build business models to keep you competitive and profitable

Advice on Business Models

Advice on business models to keep you lean, focused and performing

I develop business models to transform your business

The aim of a business model is to give you a sustainable path to profits without having to fight in a red ocean of sharks and competitors.

A great business model lets you seize a dominant position in your market and generate outsized returns.

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He’s Someone That Can Be Depended On To Step Up and Deliver

Denis has always shown me that he’s a passionate person and because of this and his sensitive and compassionate desire to help others he’s someone that can be depended on to step up and deliver an idea, a complete solution or just some kind words of encouragement that can really work for you. He’s certainly helped me on numerous occasions and I’m sure he can help others in a similar way.

Dave Spence

Denis is definitely an out-of-the-box thinker and very results oriented

Dhanish Athif Testimonial

Have known Denis for over 2 years now and have seen him work with reputable startups from different industries and suffice to say since his involvement, they have all achieved huge successes. We’ve discussed how we could improve day-to-day operations, sales strategies and even online reputation management over at my own company, MyBump Media — and received unique and priceless take-aways from our discussions. Denis is definitely an out-of-the-box thinker and very results oriented.

Dhanish Athif

Denis is Like a Jedi Master Who Thinks Like a Sith

Denis is an approachable person, warm and welcoming one. With his vast knowledge and experiences, he always shared it without hesitation. He is always with a new ideas. He is an analyst, a thinker, with one of a kind methods, a thought far away from the box. He is a visionary, a very good leader. He is open to discuss with anything. He’s like a Jedi master who thinks like a Sith.

Abdul Faris
Tamco Switchgear

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